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The EnviroShield Appearance Protection System

EnviroShield products provide long-lasting, industrial-strength interior guards and paint to give vehicles that new car shine as well as a higher resale and trade in value.

Consumer Maintenance Kit

Keep your car looking as beautiful as the first day you saw it with our Consumer Maintenance Kit which includes Wash Renewer and Sudsless Cleaner. Use the Wash Renewer to revive your car's showroom shine. The Sudsless Cleaner can lift stubborn stains from fabric that has previously been treated. (Vinyl and Leather Conditioner is available at participating dealerships.)

EnviroGuard 2000

Conventional paint sealants contain solvents and abrasives that can damage paint and clear coat finishes on new vehicles, as well as dry out and discolor vinyl, rubber and plastic trim. Resin found in conventional paint sealants may seal in contaminants leaving the paint suffocated and ultimately interfering with proper curing and the adhesion of the paint.

EnviroGuard 2000 does not contain solvents, abrasives or silicone. Its revolutionary high lustre protective coating allows paint to breath and does not attempt to form an airtight physical barrier across the paint. Enviroguard 2000 protects through continuous neutralizing, cleansing and dispersing of airborne and waterborne contaminants.

It is fortified with SPF-1000 UV-Screen to resist paint from undergoing fading and oxidation, and has a protective coating that will resist acid and alkali pollution, hard water deposits, excessive heat and cold, harsh sunlight, bugs, salt, tar and detergent washings.

Fiber Guard

Apply our Fiber Guard to your car's interior while it's still new and you can make your clean up from stains, spills and surface dirt easy! and Some fabric protectants form a brittle surface layer that tends to crack and wear away, causing it to be frequently reapplied. EnviroShield's Fiber Guard protect your car's interior from staining and surface dirt by surrounding each fabric fiber with an permanent invisible protective coating. If a stain will not come out, EnviroShield will have it cleaned or replace the stained fabric at no cost to you.
*See warranty for general terms, limitations, exclusions and conditions.

Leather Guard

Your car's leather seats, vinyl roof, dash and interior trim undergo rough treatment from weather and everyday usage but our Leather Guard preserves leather and vinyl with a durable protective coating that has ultraviolet sunscreens and conditioners. EnviroShield Leather Guard is the most permanent leather and vinyl protector on the market that will guard against cracking and discoloration to make your car's fabric and carpets last longer. We offer a hand applied leather guard with a smooth, natural finish to protect your car from grease stains, coffee spills and more.

Paint Guard

EnviroShield is a paint protection product that brings out the brilliance of the paint and gives it a glossy mirror like finish, yet is not a wax. Today's paint no longer contains lead and as a result, the paint is thinner and has a softer cure. Paint Guard is hand applied to the finish and bonds with the paint to increase the surface tension and protect against fading and oxidation from the sun. It increases the time between washes and acts as a barrier resisting chemical spotting from bird droppings, water spotting and other common chemical enemies of paint. The maintenance kit is easy to use and includes a special wash concentrate to restore a neutral ph to your paint's surface. As outlined in the written warranty, to maintain the painted surface of your car you should apply the Renewer at least once a year.


Ultimate Vehicle Protection Professional Car Care

Premium Car Wash

Premium Car wash is perfect for new vehicle paints and clear coat finishes. It is a highly concentrated cleansing agent that resists spotting, staining and pitting from acid rain, as well as pollution and hard water deposits. Premium Car Wash does not contain solvents, abrasives or silicones and is 100% biodegradable.  It removes the toughest dirt and grime without damaging painted surfaces or fabric, and uses the powerful action of anionic and non-ionic materials that provide a stable, high foaming, safe-to-use product. Each bottle contains 8 fluid ounces.

Caution: Premium Car Wash is non-hazardous when used as directed. If swallowed it may cause nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea. If this condition continues do not induce vomiting, call a physician immediately. For eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation occurs, contact a physician. Skin contact may cause irritation or dermatitis on sensitive skin. To treat, wash with water. Keep out of reach of children.